The week that was

I got to do two fun things last week: number one was going to Vancouver and watching a Wichita Trip rehearsal (I even played a couple of tunes with the band, it was way cool). They were hot! I mixed a couple of tracks for these guys last year, but having never met them, it was great to finally see them in action. I'm hoping I can work out a gig with them sometime when I'm in lotus land, it would be fun to open for them. 
Number two was a gig at Graffiti's. Tanya Philipovich opened the night, and was amazing. Great voice, great playing, great songwriting. What else can you say? I did a set with Ian on percussion, Yawn did the same, then Soo Joyce and her pal Greg did three songs -- that was a treat too. They had two guys from the audience sub in on drums, which was cool. Then finally Ian (drums), Adam (bass), Yawn and I did a band set for the first time together. It was a fun-filled and action-packed night. Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who came out!

Original post date: May 1, 2008