Not My Dog Show

Not My Dog -- a really nice little venue in Parkdale with an awesome vibe. Daniel, one of the managers there, gave us a helluva warm welcome. Ben Sures stopped by while we were eating dinner, and must have been shocked that he sold about 6 cds as soon as he walked in. What happened was that Daniel had played the cd just before he showed up, and we were all impressed and had our wallets ready. Anyway, definitely a nice vibe. 
As for the show, Kyp Harness was great, he played some new tunes for us all and they were amazing. Hopefully we'll be joining him again at another show. Yawn was kicking as usual, I knew when I heard the guitar intro to River Of Water we were in for a fun night, and I tried to keep up as best I could. Yawn and I traded short sets back and forth, a format we are toying with for now. I think it worked. People had fun, we were very loose... couldn't have asked for a better opening show on the comeback trail. Thanks to Kyp, and all of the folks who came out to see us!

Original post date: February 12, 2008

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