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6 tracks in 7 months 

Well 2020 was fun, I recorded, mixed, released and promoted 6 tracks from June - December. It was a ton of work but very rewarding, as I received lots of fan feedback and engagement. My latest track is out now, working with the lovely and amazing duo of Ben Plotnick & Kaitlyn Raitz. Ben used to play shows with me in Toronto before setting up shop with Kaitlyn in Nashville. He still works with Fretless, the Juno-award winning Canadian strings group. Those guys can play their instruments, to say the least. The cover for our track is right here, and the song is up on all the platforms and will be on the website soon!

Happy 2021!

Mastering work 

Other than chipping away at my own record and performing, this year I have been doing a little what you might call pro bono mastering work. I had the great pleasure of mastering the latest record from Wichita Trip, one of Vancouver’s best country bands (check out some of the tracks here). Congrats on a great record WT! 

I’ve also had the great pleasure of mastering a track for my good buddies Normal For Once (check it out here) -- this is a track I have known for years and have played live many times, so it was fun to hear the mix and to apply the spit and polish. Thanks for thinking of me dudes!

Original post date: September 3, 2012

Recording = labour of love 

The daunting task of making a record started this past spring, and I have some guitar tracks and bass tracks staring me in the face. This month I hope to move things along somewhat, but this process is labour intensive and the determination to get it done is sometimes hard to find. I will be posting any and all progress on my ‘Latest Mixes’ page. There are rough demos there now. Wish me luck!

Original post date: November 5, 2011